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  • Rant for Jesus April 2020

Praise Him

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Rant for Jesus-Praise Him, April 2020

The tragedies and disaster in the world are ever increasing. Corona Virus is killing our older generation and sickening the rest. No one is exempt, it is all over the […]

  • The Message April 2020


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The Message-Plagues/Pestilence, April 2020

Our God is Sovereign and in control. As Christians we know God is over all things in the Heavens and the earth. His Word says He knows the end from the beginning. […]

  • Bible Strong April 2020

Prophecy Fulfilled

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Bible Strong-Prophecy Fulfilled, April 2020

I have read there are approximately 2,500 prophecies in the Bible with 2,000 already fulfilled. The rest to be fulfilled in the future. Jesus Himself has fulfilled over 400 prophesies written […]

  • Shout It Out April 2020

The Weary Warrior

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Shout It Out-The Weary Warrior, April 2020

Of all his giants Elijah had to face, the giant of fatigue may have been the strongest one. He worked very hard for the Lord and then had to […]

  • Bible Strong March 2020

Work Out Your Salvation

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Bible Strong-Work Out Your Salvation, March 2020

You must work out your own salvation. No one can do it for you. Only you are accountable to God for your words and actions and whether you have […]

  • The Message March 2020

Empty Souls

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The Message-Empty Souls-March 2020

Are you weary in the battle? Are you feeling depressed and empty inside? Do you spend your days wasting away the time you’ve been given on this earth? You will never get […]

  • Rant for Jesus March 2020

Jesus is There for You

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Rant for Jesus-Jesus is There for You, March 2020

It is in our brokenness we will cry out to the Lord. In the deepest pain and darkest nights we realize we need Jesus to help us. […]

  • The Message Feb 2020

Reading and Speaking God’s Word

February 1st, 2020|Comments Off


The Message-Reading and Speaking God’s Word February 2020

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

God’s Word is my daily bread. It teaches, strengthens, convicts, […]

  • Bible Strong Feb 2020

Satan Attacks God’s Word

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Bible Strong-Satan Attacks God’s Word, Feb. 2020

It began long ago in the Garden of Eden and continues. In this scripture God gave direct instructions and Satan uses doubt to get to Eve. He’s saying, no […]

  • Shout It Out Feb 2020

Zachary Ian Hawkins 40th Birthday 5 Feb 1980-2 July 2015

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Shout It Out

Zachary Ian Hawkins 40th Birthday

5 Feb 1980-2 July 2015

Today would be Zack’s 40th birthday had he lived. Brain cancer took its toll on Zack’s life. Zachary died almost 5 years ago, but I […]

  • Rant for Jesus Feb 2020

Jesus is all We Need

February 1st, 2020|Comments Off


Rant for Jesus-Jesus is all We Need, February 2020

By Max Reeves

When my woman left me all I had was Jesus.

When everyone left me all I had was Jesus.

When I was in trouble all I had […]

  • Shout It Out Jan 2020

In the Struggle

January 1st, 2020|Comments Off

Shout It Out-In the Struggle, January 2020

Our journey is not without purpose. We meet God along the way in the good and the bad. We meet Him more intimately in adversity, sickness, brokenness, and loss. […]

“God’s way is the only way for me. There is nothing on this earth that will lead me astray from that. 100 years here is but a blip on the radar of eternity. My goal is to walk with my Heavenly Father”. By Zachary Ian Hawkins, Website Designer, Feb. 27, 2015.
Sherry Clark Ministry ministered to the women of Julia Tutwiler Prison in Wetumpka, Alabama, as well as being a Christian Internet and a Face Book Ministry. The ministry is motivated by the love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Our mission is to help bring unbelievers to Jesus, bring God’s healing love to hurting people, encourage and build up other Christians, and help heal the broken hearted and bind up all their wounds through the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world by making it available to anyone on the World Wide Web.
With Sherry Clark Ministry having a presence on the Internet and Social Media, it can serve to draw more people to the Lord and His church. Internet Evangelism, or a Christian Internet Ministry, provides a method to get the gospel to the uttermost parts of the world. Over 1 billion people are now online by means of an array of different devices. The harvest field is extremely large, and we must harness it for the Lord. The Word of God is made available by on-line Bibles, and they are being read by people in countries who have religious freedom, and those countries who prohibit the reading of the Scriptures.

We are committed to spreading the Word of God, the Grace of Jesus, throughout the world. Through the Grace of God the ministry has reached over 140 countries. There are some who do not have religious freedoms and their country of origin is hidden. Please pray for them.

God bless. Heal the brokenhearted, bind up all their wounds.

Know Jesus, Know Peace

“I say Great are You Lord. It’s Your breath in our lungs and we pour out our praise. You are high and lifted up and we bless Your holy Name.”