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Monthly Archives: June 2018

1June, 2018

Shout It Out-He’s Coming Back

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Shout It Out-He’s Coming Back June 2018

The One who hung on a cross for us, whose back was torn apart by lashes, who was hit in the face, spat upon, pierced with a spear, mocked and persecuted with a crown of thorns pushed into His head, He’s coming back to get […]

1June, 2018

The Message-Trust in Jesus

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The Message-Trust in Jesus June 2018

I trust in Jesus my great Deliverer, my strong Defender, the Son of God, the Holy One, my Lord forever. He led me out of the pit into His loving arms and has never let me go since. By His blood He took my guilt and […]

1June, 2018

Rant for Jesus-Everything I Need

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Rant for Jesus-Everything I Need-June 2018

He knows the sorrow and He knows the pain. He knows when I’m broken, cracked and bruised. When I cry out His Name, He reaches down to comfort and mend me. He’s always there holding me, lifting my head, healing my hurt. He is everything I […]

1June, 2018

Bible Strong-Faith and Works

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Bible Strong-Faith and Works June 2018

New Living Translation

Based on Matthew 25:31-46

The connection between faith, works, and final approval is a consistent feature of Jesus’ teachings. For Jesus, works are a sure indicator of faith, which begins with repentance, a conversion of the heart and mind that involves […]