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Monthly Archives: December 2019

1December, 2019

Baby Jesus

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The Message-Baby Jesus December, 2019

Jesus left heaven to come to this sin filled world full of evil and wickedness, hurt and pain, hopelessness and death. He did it for us. He took the curse of our sin so He might point us to God. His Name is Emmanuel-God with us.

1December, 2019

Mixed Face Book Posts

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Shout It Out-Mixed Face Book Posts, December 2019

Take a minute or two alone and say this prayer out loud, in the quiet of the morning, before you start your day. Say it every day and see if you hear from Holy Spirit. I believe you will.

Father, I […]

1December, 2019

Fighting My Battles

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Rant for Jesus-Fighting My Battles, December 2019

What is the battlefield all about? It is about who gets the Glory, Satan or God. Lucifer aka Satan, a created being for the purpose of giving God Glory, turned on God and decided he wanted the Glory for himself. He stated he would ascend […]

1December, 2019

His Hand

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Bible Strong-His Hand, December 2019

God will not accidentally let go of you or allow anyone else to snatch you out of His hand. Do not choose to take your hand out of the Lord thy God’s hand

God does warn us not to wander away. He tells us not to […]