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Monthly Archives: April 2020

1April, 2020

Praise Him

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Rant for Jesus-Praise Him, April 2020

The tragedies and disaster in the world are ever increasing. Corona Virus is killing our older generation and sickening the rest. No one is exempt, it is all over the world. God is shaking the world and people have taken notice.

Will the world praise […]

1April, 2020


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The Message-Plagues/Pestilence, April 2020

Our God is Sovereign and in control. As Christians we know God is over all things in the Heavens and the earth. His Word says He knows the end from the beginning. He knows what will happen and how it will end up, way before it ever takes […]

1April, 2020

Prophecy Fulfilled

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Bible Strong-Prophecy Fulfilled, April 2020

I have read there are approximately 2,500 prophecies in the Bible with 2,000 already fulfilled. The rest to be fulfilled in the future. Jesus Himself has fulfilled over 400 prophesies written in the Bible.

A prophet is a messenger, selected by God who relays communications from […]

1April, 2020

The Weary Warrior

By |April 1st, 2020|Shout It Out|Comments Off


Shout It Out-The Weary Warrior, April 2020

Of all his giants Elijah had to face, the giant of fatigue may have been the strongest one. He worked very hard for the Lord and then had to flee for his life into the desert. There he collapsed from total exhaustion and […]