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1October, 2021

Bless Israel

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The Message-Bless Israel, October 2021

I pray for Israel sometimes. Certainly not the way God wants us to. I must do better. I owe them such a great debt of gratitude and so do you, for all they have contributed to our Spiritual life.

Without Israel, we wouldn’t have Jesus, Salvation, the Bible, the Prophets, the Disciples, […]

1September, 2021

Hedge of Protection

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The Message-Hedge of Protection-September 2021

God promises to protect those He loves and who loves and obeys Him, even though we don’t deserve it. Scripture is filled with promises of God’s protection.

The hedge of protection is seen in the book of Job. Satan is talking to God. He has to ask God’s permission to do anything […]

1August, 2021

USA and the End Times

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The Message-USA and the End Times, August 2021

If you have read John’s book of Revelation and or other books of the Bible about the end times, you may wonder why the United States of America (USA) isn’t mentioned when so many other countries are.

Several countries are mentioned in final Bible prophecy to include: Israel, Jordan, […]

30June, 2021

Pandemic of Sin

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The Message-Pandemic of Sin, July 2021

The world has changed so radically. It is shocking to me to see all the wicked and evil deeds being done in the United States, and around the world. It is not only daily, but seems minute by minute. Satanic chaos is everywhere. Cities run red with blood daily with […]

1May, 2021


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The Message-Broken, May 2021

Going through hurt and pain, living in those darkest nights is where I saw Jesus as He is, loving, faithful, true, steady as a rock, a shelter and fortress, my shield, refuge and defense, full of grace and mercy. He reminds me I am not alone and will never be alone. He […]

1April, 2021

Darkness to Light

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The Message-Darkness to Light, April 2021

It’s not too hard for Christians to shine these days, with so much evil and wickedness in the world, we shine the brightest in the darkness.

Whether your deeds are good or evil, light will expose them. Think of how many people have fallen because their evil deeds were exposed to […]

1March, 2021

The Crushing

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The Message-The Crushing, March 2021

Your trials and circumstances today feel crushing. You didn’t see them coming and it is shocking. They have knocked you off your feet and your confidence has left you. You may be on the edge because of the crushing. Get on your knees and pray […]

31January, 2021

Praise Brings Joy

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The Message-Praise Brings Joy, February 2021

The Lord is my Shepherd, my Creator. How Great He is. I shall not want. I have everything I need because He is my Provider, my Jehovah Jireh, just like He was Abraham’s. He gives to me, pressed down and running over. My cup is full and running over because […]

1January, 2021

Be Filled with Holy Spirit

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The Message-Be Filled with Holy Spirit

January 2021 

The Bible shows us we can live a godly life and enjoy small amounts of alcohol. If you choose not to drink at all, don’t condemn others that choose to drink. If Jesus approves of it, who are we to disapprove […]

1December, 2020

Faith Examples

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The Message-Faith Examples, December 2020

Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence of things we cannot see. Through their faith, the people in days of old earned a good reputation.

By faith we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command, that what we […]