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1March, 2016

Letter to Satan

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You have tempted me, tried putting words in my mouth, and accused me, the days leading up to, and even the day of, my visit to Tutwiler. You will not succeed. I refuse to listen to you. Nothing you do, will keep me from my purpose. The Lord anointed me to help heal […]

3February, 2016

Zachary I. Hawkins February 5, 1980 – July 2, 2015

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Zack was diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable brain tumor known as Glioblastoma in March, 2015. Zack died peacefully at my home on July 2, 2015 at 7:20 PM with his father and myself at his bedside.

Zack leaves behind his son, Drake, nephews Skyler and Jaden, sister’s Rachel, Hillary, Megan, and Kamron, […]

3February, 2016

Take Him to the Place

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Take Him to the Place

Take Him to the place where your hurt is dark and deep.

Give it all to Him, He will take the place

He will heal you where you hurt, where that place is.

He will wash all the stain away.

Take him to […]

8February, 2015

Fighting Your Goliaths

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1 Samuel 17 Some of Jesse’s sons were with King Saul for the fight. David the youngest was tending sheep for his father. His father sent him to his brothers to take them food at the camp where they were with Saul.

David heard Goliath challenge the men. David told King Saul he could take Goliath […]

31January, 2015

Paula T. Tutwiler Prison for Women

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The Lord is working in these prisons. He is setting the captives free, and opening up the doors of the prisons. Praise you God. I recently have learned of three women from Tutwiler (Tina, Pam and Michela), who have gotten out of prison, and have accepted Jesus, They need your prayers. Would you help me […]

31January, 2015

Insecurity and Faith

By |January 31st, 2015|The Message|0 Comments

Let Christ dwell in your heart by faith, not by feelings or performance, by faith. He has been inside you through the Holy Spirit, ever since you accepted Him as your Lord, and Savior. If you need Him, He is there. He isn’t up today and down tomorrow. He is consistent, steady, and orderly. You […]

2January, 2015

Mission Field

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Prisons are full of people that are no longer self-sufficient. They know they have done wrong, and some of them are sorry for the wrong they did. There are so many broken people, all together in a confined space. They may not be humble but they have been humbled. When I go they all know […]

2January, 2015

Internet Evangelism/Christian Internet Ministry

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Mark 16:15 Jesus said: Go into all the world and proclaim the good news to the whole creation.

Having a presence on the Internet can serve to draw more people to the Lord, and His church. Internet Evangelism, or a Christian Internet Ministry, provides a method to get the gospel to the uttermost parts of the […]

1December, 2014

Holy Spirit Lead and Guide Me – Part 4 of 4

By |December 1st, 2014|The Message|0 Comments

The Holy Spirit has a will, and that will is in perfect alignment with the will of the Father. You must have a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. A guide for His general will for your life, can be found in the Bible. If you need guidance on morality or how to […]

1November, 2014

More on the Holy Spirit – Part 3 of 4

By |November 1st, 2014|The Message|0 Comments

The Holy Spirit anointed Jesus when He was baptized by John the Baptist. He gave Jesus the power He needed to endure while on the earth and when He was on the cross.

Matthew 3:16 And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water, and lo, the heavens were opened unto him, […]