In the picture you see Michela who met Jesus through a small group at Tutwiler. She says God used the Prison Ministry to save her life. She has been through two LIFE groups and was baptized at Church of the Highlands.

 Cecil and Sally Pavey, long-time friends of mine, attend Church of the Highlands. Sally had told me about the Prison Ministry some time ago. I recently did some research on it. I believe this church is a special place.

 Randy Walker, Geoff Jones, Christian Williamson and their team of many are currently serving in 11 correctional facilities across Alabama. Over 1,100 inmates have experienced the Grace of God through this ministry.

 Alabama’s prison system seems to be in crisis mode with the overpopulated conditions in all of our prisons. Some are close to being 200% occupancy. Imagine this all across the United States where all prisons have the same overpopulated conditions.

 Many of these prisoners are repeat offenders. These prisoners have left their families broken, unable to care for themselves, and torn apart across the state of Alabama. In some cases the children of these prisoners have to be placed in foster care.

 I’ve painted a bleak picture because it is a fact of life. However, the Church of the Highlands Prison Ministry has planted the local church inside the walls of prison. They provide a Sunday Service and Small Groups inside the Prisons to lead men and women into a relationship with Jesus.

 These men and women ministering to the prisoners in Alabama are sharing the Good News of Jesus, encouraging the prisoners as they worship God through their teachings of the Word of God. They selflessly give of their time and of themselves to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. They help those who will let them. For those whose hearts are open to God’s Word, many of these prisoners will never have the need for further incarceration because of their efforts. Thank you.

 In your service to prisoners in Alabama you are being used as a vessel of Christ’s love, grace, mercy and compassion. You are His instrument. You are one of God’s weapon’s against the forces of evil. You have helped inmates to right wrongs, to pray, and obtain forgiveness, through Jesus Christ.

 Sherry Clark Ministry commends you for what you are doing in the Name of Jesus.  You have given these inmates, hope and encouragement through the teaching of God’s Word. Jesus sees what you are doing and He will bless you for it.

 May this Church of the Highlands Prison Ministry have the Lord’s blessings and approval all over them.

 God Bless. Heal the broken-hearted, bind up all their wounds.