Bible Strong-Cultural Collapse May 2017

New Living Translation-Jeremiah 24:1-10

The Old Testament is full of examples of people being disobedient to God. Many of these examples are God’s chosen ones, Israel. God warned of the consequences and penalties of disobedience over and over. He also specifically gave the rewards for obedience to Him. Choices!

This world we live in today is no different. We need to realize there will be consequences for our actions. Consequences for disobedience for the moral decline, the hate, greed, violence, the aggression towards others, the lack of love, turning away from God etc. It’s not too late for the world to turn towards Jesus, accept Him and follow Him as their Savior. Choices!

Jeremiah 24:1-10:

Suddenly, and completely, impressive cultures full of creative and skilled people fall apart. Israel’s history has cycles of courage, and success followed by disaster. Men of God led Israel into new periods of power (Joshua, Samuel, David, Solomon), but the nation repeatedly fell into worshiping many idols and false gods instead of the one true God. Repeatedly, God’s people fell under judgment as their culture disintegrated, and their political independence was replaced with servitude, and oppression.

The northern kingdom of Israel was especially captivated by the idol worship of Baal, and Asherah. As a result, the Lord turned the northern kingdom over to the Assyrians, who demolished it in 722 BC.

In Jeremiah’s time, the same spiritual, and political collapse was occurring in the southern kingdom of Judah. Some of the nation’s kings, including Josiah, faithfully followed the covenant ban on idol worship, and led the people of Judah back to the Lord.

The Lord’s messages through Jeremiah contain strong indictments of Judah’s devotion to Baal, and condemns the immorality that accompanied this sin. Judah’s moral and spiritual rottenness exemplified by its greed, hate, and violence were exposed for all to see.

Despite their stubborn refusal to turn away from idol worship, and back to worship of the one true God, the people of Judah hoped the Lord would work a miracle by defeating the Babylonian army, and send it back home. They thought the Temple would magically protect them, not understanding that God’s disgust over what they were doing there, would speed their destruction (Jeremiah 7:4-15).

They were totally unprepared to face the horror of defeat in war, and the destruction of their nation, their capital, and their Temple. They were unaware their spiritual, and moral collapse had already made their doom certain.

Is our doom our fall near? It doesn’t have to be. Accept Jesus as your Savior. Choices!

God Bless. Heal the broken-hearted, bind up all their wounds.