Rant for Jesus-Fighting Our Enemies 

Our enemies are armed with hatred and lies, they are cruel, and show no mercy. They lie to you, accuse you, and tempt you. They want to steal everything good from you. Satan will kill you if he can. Satan is coming in battle formation, planning to destroy you. He sends his demons from every side to rise up against you, in your day of trouble.

Put on the armor of God and stand against any plan Satan has, for you are the body of Christ and Satan has no power over you unless you give it to him. You can overcome evil with good. You are strong in the Lord and the power of His might.

 You are far from oppression and fear does not come near you because you fear no evil, the Lord is with you. Let the Lord’s Word and Holy Spirit comfort you. You are covered by the blood of Jesus.

 Be victorious against your enemies, principalities, rulers of darkness of this world and spiritual wickedness in high places. Though they come out against you one way they will flee from seven ways because you are an ambassador for Jesus Christ.

 Do not fear the attack of the wicked destroyer. They know their day of destruction is near. Let a black cloud over shadow them, and the darkness terrify them. God frustrates the plans of schemers, so the work of their hands will not succeed. He will turn what was meant for your harm, into something good for you.

 No weapon formed against you shall prosper, for your righteousness is of the Lord. Whatever you do shall prosper because you are like a tree that is planted by rivers of waters. You are a doer of the Word of God and are blessed and highly favored.

 Terrors surround the wicked, and trouble them at every step. Calamity awaits for them to stumble. They will be thrust from light into darkness, driven from the world. It will be said: this is the place of a wicked person, the place of one who rejected God.

 Like David that killed Goliath, do not fight in your own strength but In the Name of Jesus, take the shield of faith and quench every fiery arrow the enemy throws at you. The devil flees from you because you fight in the Name of Jesus.

 Prepare for battle. Shake your fist at the wicked ones, the evil ones, defy Satan. Hold the shield of faith, and charge against them in the Name of Jesus like a warrior. The Lord says, fear not for I am with you.

Ready yourselves. Let us shine the light of Jesus in the darkest night. Let the powers of darkness tremble as we praise Jesus. Stand up, and fight against Satan. Don’t let him in your head, with his evil thoughts. Don’t let him dictate your actions. Don’t let him use your mouth to spew his hatred. 

As in the days of Isaiah, the Lord will break the staff of the wicked who pursue you. The breath of God will destroy them.

 The Lord has sworn that as He has planned, so shall it be, and as He has purposed, so shall it stand.

 The Lord will lead the fight of your battles, ask Him to.

 God bless. Heal the brokenhearted, bind up all their wounds.