For some, the call to discipleship is hard, but God provides grace. Others find it easy to respond to Jesus’ call.

For everyone, following Jesus requires a total commitment to turn from selfish ways. Taking up one’s cross is a metaphor for giving up one’s life to follow Jesus, even to death. For example, Peter, Andrew, James, and John left their homes and their source of income to follow Jesus. For a rich man, turning from his selfish ways required selling all he had and giving the proceeds to the poor.

 Following Jesus also means being identified with Him without being ashamed, and being faithful to Jesus and His teachings. It requires removing anything that would interfere with following Jesus, regardless of how painful doing so might be. It requires entrusting one’s life entirely to Jesus, and repenting of sin. It even requires putting loyalty to Jesus above loyalty to one’s own father, mother, child, spouse etc.

 Jesus explicitly commanded His disciples to proclaim His message. Jesus and the apostles through their teaching and example, call Jesus’ followers to proclaim the Good News wherever they may be.

 Alongside Jesus’ demands for discipleship are the rewards of following Jesus. Those who follow Jesus are promised entrance into the Kingdom of God. They receive His forgiveness for their sins, and they become members of the family of God. They are saved from judgment and obtain eternal life.

 What more could you ask for??

 God Bless. Heal the broken-hearted, bind up all their wounds.