Get Out Your BowsIt is the Lord who provides the sun, moon, and stars to light the sky. It is He who stirs the seas into roaring waves. His name is, the Lord of Heavens Armies.

1 Kings 22:19 Then Micah continued, “Listen to what the LORD says! I saw the LORD sitting on his throne with all the armies of heaven around him, on his right and on his left.

We as Christians are His army on earth. We must train for battle. We must fight. I know of the enemy’s lofty pride, his arrogance, and his haughty heart. His pride is very great. I know about his insolence, says the Lord. The enemy swoops down like an eagle spreading its wings. People will fall, strongholds will be seized. Even the mightiest warriors will be in anguish.

Ready yourselves. Let us shine the light of Jesus in the darkest night. Let the powers of darkness tremble as our praises rise. Let your archers shoot. Spare no arrows. Because of the sword of the enemy, everyone must fight. Don’t be like sheep that have been scattered by lions. They cracked their bones. Stand up, and fight against Satan. Don’t let him in your head, with his evil thoughts. Don’t let him dictate your actions. Don’t let him use your mouth to spew his hatred.

Our enemies are armed with bows, and spears, they are cruel, and show no mercy, as they come forward they sound like a roaring sea. They lie to you, accuse you, and tempt you. They want to steal everything good from you. Satan will kill you if he can. Satan is coming in battle formation, planning to destroy you. He sends his demons from every side to rise up against you, in your day of trouble.

Let the archers put on their armor, and draw their bows. Sharpen your arrows, lift up the shield of faith, raise the battle flag, and station the watchmen. Turn from the evil road you are traveling, and the evil things you are doing. God said, take my hand, I will do good things for you. He said, ask me, and I will tell you about things to come. I will build you up, and not tear you down, I will place you, and not uproot you. I have sworn by My Great Name, says the Lord.

Does not my Word burn like fire, says the Lord. Is it not like a mighty hammer that smashes rock to pieces? Get out your Bible when the enemy attacks. Speak God’s

Word, and knock the devil down. Speak His Word out loud, and the devil will back up, tremble, and shake. Let His Word burn in your heart.

The Lord stands beside me like a great warrior. Before Him, the enemy will stumble. The Lord said, I will raise my fist against the enemy, and knock him down from the heights. When He is finished with Satan, and his demons, there will be nothing but burnt rubble left. For the Lord is a God who gives just punishment. He always repays in full.

The Lord said, Be fair minded, and just, do what is right, help those who have been robbed, rescue them from their oppressors, quit your evil deeds, do not mistreat foreigners, orphans, and widows, stop murdering the innocent. Do not be arrogant for the Lord has spoken. Acknowledge Him before He brings darkness upon you, causing you to stumble, and fall.

The Lord is calling of you to stand up against Satan, and his evil ways. Do the right things. Help others. Keep pride, and arrogance from your heart. For now, He has stopped Satan from killing you. Get right with the Lord before it is too late, and accept Jesus as your Savior.

God Bless. Heal the broken-hearted, bind up all their wounds.