Rant for Jesus-I Give You Glory!

You are the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

Each time I think of You, the praises start. I worship You from deep in my heart.

I give You Glory!

I fall on my knees and worship You. I will praise Your Name and sing to You.

When You call my name, I’ll run to You. I’ll do anything You want me to.

I give You Glory!

Sometimes bringing me to my knees, You always calm the fear in me.

I’m here today and gone tomorrow. Without You, I would be filled with sorrow.

I give You Glory!

No greater love have I ever known, than the love You have shown.

Regardless of all my sin, You touch my heart from deep within.

I give You Glory!

When I ran from You, You held my hand. You said, I will never be alone again. Your Spirit is in me, teaching, touching, healing me.

Your love has come and set me free.

I give You Glory!

Because of who You are, I give You Glory!

Because of what You’ve done, I give You Glory!

You are holy, holy, holy and I worship You, I give You Glory!

Jesus I am Yours. Hallelujah, I give You Glory!

God bless. Heal the brokenhearted, bind up all their wounds.