God Is My Rock Deliverer StrengthI want to tell you about a man I know. Some of you know him, others have heard about him. He has done so much for me and many others so I just want to honor him in this Shout Out.

I want to say a big thank you to him for his love, loyalty, kindness, gentleness, for being a great teacher and provider. He is a man that has been with me in the good and the bad. When I was down he helped me back up. When I was sad, he brought me joy. He has been my shelter in the storm, my provider in my need. When I didn’t deserve love he gave it to me anyway. When he could have thrown the book at me, he had mercy. There were times when I was way low and he would help me back up. When I was too weak to continue he held me up and gave me strength. Yes this man is worthy to be honored, worthy to be praised.

This man is JESUS, the Great I Am, our strong tower and shield, our provider of all our needs, our Great Physician, the light in our darkness, our Lord and Savior, the rock of our salvation, our deliverer, the Alpha and the Omega. Praise you Jesus! Your name is high and lifted up. You are the One, you are the Most High. You are my refuge my fortress. I will praise your name in the good and I will praise you in the bad. As long as I am alive I will praise you.

He has His eye on the sparrow and certainly on us. He knows the number of hairs on our head. He hears our cry in the midnight hour. He teaches us love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness, patience, persistence, strength and endurance.

Blessed be the Lord who through the Holy Spirit, leads, guides, teaches, touches, comforts and heals us. I thank Jesus our Lord that He has trusted me and has appointed me to do His work with the strength and anointing He has given me. Thank you Jesus.

God Bless. Heal the broken-hearted, bind up all their wounds.