Bible Strong-Justice, April 2019

Based on Isaiah 59

Today the truth is gone from so many and anyone who renounces evil is attacked. The Lord sees all of this and He is displeased to find there is no justice.

The unborn babies are still being murdered by the millions in the United States. It’s been going on for decades. Some want to murder the babies even after they are delivered. God sees this and knows that no one intervenes and stops it. He Himself will one day step in to save them with His strong arm and His Justice will sustain Him. He will repay His enemies for their evil deeds.

This was written by someone who posted it on Face Book. I don’t have his name now.

God looked and saw evil looming on the horizon, so much evil and no sign of Justice. He couldn’t believe what He saw; not a soul around to correct this awful situation. So, He did it Himself. He took on the work of Salvation, fueled by His own Righteousness. He dressed in Righteousness, put it on like a suit of armor, with Salvation on His head like a helmet. Then He put on Judgment like an overcoat and threw a cloak of Passion across His shoulders.

He will make everyone pay for what they’ve done; fury for His foes; deserts for His enemies. Even the far off islands will get paid off in full. In the west they will fear the Name of God. In the east they will fear the glory of God, for He will arrive like a river in flood stage, whipped to a torrent by the wind of God.

God bless. Heal the brokenhearted, bind up all their wounds.