Prisons are full of people that are no longer self-sufficient. They know they have done wrong, and some of them are sorry for the wrong they did. There are so many broken people, all together in a confined space. They may not be humble but they have been humbled. When I go they all know I am there to talk about Jesus. That is my only purpose of being there, to tell them about Him. Fertile ground for the gospel of Jesus. The prison is a Mission Field.

God is serious about prisoners hearing about Jesus. Jesus came to seek, and to save those who are lost. So far He has kept the doors to the prisons, and jails open so the gospel can be taught. He wants the message of Jesus to reach the hearts, and minds of the prisoners.

Like Job in the Bible, the women of Tutwiler Prison have come to the end of themselves. They are broken, and their lives don’t work anymore. They have been humbled. They have been given time to think about their actions, their lives, and lives of others they have affected. Some come to the end of themselves, and are able to consider Jesus’ love, and forgiveness. If they were still on the streets, they wouldn’t listen to me talk about Jesus. They have been brought low, and realize their life is broken. Jesus is the way to fix it.

In a book named Prison Ministry by Lennie Spitale, it says “The benefits are many. Your faith will grow. Your knowledge of the Word will increase. Your prayer life will be recharged”.
Wow all of that sounds great. I thought I would be helping others, but this sounds like it is a blessing, and is helping me!

He goes on “You will discover spiritual warfare. You will see the devil unmasked, and he will attempt to unmask you. You will be a weapon in the hands of a holy God against forces of evil. You will be tested, tried, challenged, sneered at, turned away, rejected, and you will remain victorious”.

Now that is more of what I was expecting to run into.

“You will bear witness to the destruction of lives. You will see others snatched from the fires of hell, and watch them go on to be shining witnesses of God’s mercy. You will hear many a sad, and tragic story, and stand in the gap as a minister of prayer, and a soldier of hope as tears of despair are shed before you. You will receive blessings, and ministry from the very people you came to bless. You will declare the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light, and all the while you will count yourself blessed for being a part of it all. You will find yourself being used as a vessel of Christ’s compassion.

It sounds like to me, this ministry is as much for me, as it is for the women of Tutwiler. Thank you Lord for choosing me to serve you.

Prison ministry forces you to see, what Satan is doing as he is going to, and fro in the earth, walking up, and down in it, searching for those he may attack. It is eye opening, to the depths of evil in this world. Satan is serious, and these women of Tutwiler are his target. He wanted to kill them, but the Lord’s mercy has them in a place where they can hear about Jesus, and eternal life.

I am so thankful my Lord is always with me no matter where I go. As I walk into the prison, I pray the Lord will protect me from Satan. I couldn’t go in there by myself. With God on my side I can fight Satan. He has no hold on me. God is in me, and through Him I am strong. I will be God’s weapon against the forces of evil. I’m always wearing my armor when I go into the prison, righteousness, and truth, shield of faith, helmet of salvation, sword of the spirit, Word of God. Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.

There are a small number of women at Tutwiler seeking Jesus, and have received forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. Would you help me to pray for these women? I pray God will help them to stay strong in Jesus, and to help them to have no further need of incarceration. Christ lives in prison, just as He lives in our churches.

God Bless. Heal the broken-hearted, bind up all their wounds.