Rant for Jesus-Everything I Need-June 2018

He knows the sorrow and He knows the pain. He knows when I’m broken, cracked and bruised. When I cry out His Name, He reaches down to comfort and mend me. He’s always there holding me, lifting my head, healing my hurt. He is everything I need.

He lifts us up on wings of eagles. He won’t let you faint or grow weary. He’s a defender of the weak. He has everything you need. In your valley of troubles and trials, He’s holding the door of hope open for you. Waiting for you to open the door.

Your eyes can’t see the way He holds me but I feel Him. He’s all over, around and inside of me. Beautiful Savior, blessed Redeemer.

I call Him Jesus, oh Jesus, He’s my Lord.

Every knee will bend down, every mouth will confess, He is the Lord.

Every knee will bow down, every tongue will confess, that He’s our Lord.

Jesus is calling. Forgiveness was bought at the cross. Don’t resist His love.

His love and amazing grace surround me in good times and bad.

He never leaves me. He’s inside of me, teaching, touching, healing, leading and correcting me. He gives me everything I need.

Others don’t know what You have told me or shown me. They don’t see me hidden in Your heart. Oh what a wonderful Savior. He comforts those in need. Peace, peace wonderful peace.

His Name is Jesus, sweet Jesus, He’s my Lord.

I call Him Jesus, sweet Jesus, He’s the One.

Oh what a Savior. He is wonderful.

He has everything you need.

Healing, healing restoration in Jesus Name.

God bless. Heal the brokenhearted, bind up all their wounds.