Shout It Out-Sailor, Skyler Gage Hawkins

4 May, 2018 is graduation day from U. S. Navy boot camp for this grandson of mine. He has earned ribbons and already been promoted in rank due to his achievements. He has made his family very proud. What an awesome young man he has become.

Skyler’s father died when he was about 6. Until 3 1/2 years ago, my daughter Rachel Hawkins Beavers has singlehandedly raised him. For 3 1/2 years, Rachel’s husband Danny Beavers, a Navy man himself, has had a positive impact in Skyler’s life.

Skyler accepted Jesus as his Savior when he was younger. The Lord never let go of him, just like He promises in His Word. The first letter I received from him, he tells me how he is spiritually stronger. How happy my heart is about that.

Skyler is a Proverbs reader. He picked that up from his Uncle Zack. Zack said Proverbs tells you how to live your life as a follower of Jesus. To this day Skyler reads his Bible.

Skyler has proven himself loyal, a man of integrity and filled with dedication to whatever he puts his hand to. I have a special love for this boy.

This is about a mother’s love for her son on graduation day from the U. S. Navy boot camp. I imagine this is how Rachel will be on that very special day. I have borrowed parts of this from an anonymous author.

Rachel, Jaden, Danny, Kamron and Kinsley take their seats. It’s a huge place with huge doors inside. Sailors from different divisions are standing all around the visitors. They are very erect, looking straight ahead like a guard would do and they are very still. If they must speak their tone is solemn and polite while at the same time that voice demands that people obey them. They are young maybe 18 to 21 men and women. They are confident and you can tell they have been trained to be leaders.

There’s over a thousand people inside and when the drums begin people get very quiet. The drums are beating at a steady loud beat. Everyone is very still and their focus is on these drummers whose drums sound like thunder.

Suddenly those gigantic doors start to open and all you can see are boots of every size and they are stomping loudly, marching in place. Rachel, Danny, Jaden and Kamron are searching for Skyler.

The gigantic doors open all the way and the place erupts with screams of joy. There Skyler is looking ever so handsome in his Sailor uniform and very proud. The Sailors all march into the building. It looks like a sea of white and dress blues. Skyler’s right there marching. He’s looking strong, tough, like he could slay Goliath.

Rachel would know this boy’s face from a mile away but there’s something different about him. His jaw looks so strong. She’s never seen that before. He’s holding himself so straight with shoulders held back. She sees pride in his steps. He is Navy strong.

She sees a grown man but knows this is her baby. This is her son Skyler Gage whom she raised and loves. She realizes just how much God has blessed her with him and she is grateful, oh so grateful to have had this child who is now a man, a Sailor in the United States Navy. Thank you for your service Skyler.

Rachel has one more to go, Jaden Avery Hawkins. Jaden, you will also make us proud in whatever you decide to do. Can’t wait to write about you. Soon, very soon.

Oh how I love you boys.