The Message-Trust in Jesus June 2018

I trust in Jesus my great Deliverer, my strong Defender, the Son of God, the Holy One, my Lord forever. He led me out of the pit into His loving arms and has never let me go since. By His blood He took my guilt and shame, pride and conceit and washed me clean, whiter than snow.

One day we will all stand before the Lord. What will you say as you look into the eyes of Jesus? Will you make excuses for the life you lived on this earth? Will you be ashamed? Will you tell Him why you didn’t help the hungry and the helpless ones? Will you explain away the fact you didn’t take time to help those that were sick and in pain? Will you tell Him you had more important things to do? Is He going to say well done good and faithful servant, or depart from Me I never knew you.

Let me tell you about a man I know. He knew me for years. We did a lot of sinning together. He saw firsthand how the Lord had changed me. I prayed for him. I talked to him on a few occasions about Jesus and given him a Bible and many messages from my ministry. Even so, He rejected Jesus.

I talked to the Lord about it. The Bible says it is our responsibility as followers of Jesus to tell lost ones about Jesus and then it is up to the person and God. We can’t make people accept Jesus.

He recently died suddenly of a heart attack. He was 64 and to my knowledge had not accepted Jesus as his Savior. Regardless, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is Lord.

If you don’t know Jesus as your Savior you are running out of time. We are all dying from the time we take our first breath. You can run from God or you can surrender to Him. Will you ever change your mind?  Give it up before it is too late. Eternity in hell with Satan is a long time. Surrender to our Savior Jesus and spend your eternity with Him in heaven. Trust in Jesus. Today may be the end of your time. Bend the knee and ask the Lord to come into your heart before it is too late for you.

Our Deliverer is coming. Why don’t you trust in Jesus and live your life on earth for Him? What have you got to lose? Lay down your sins at the feet of Jesus. Think of all you have to gain. No one can stop you from the road you are traveling on. It’s your decision.

Don’t give up hope. Jesus is the hope giver. The Lord is offering you a second chance will you take it? Let the Lord lead you and be by your side. He will forgive you of all your sins. Are you going to surrender? You will never regret it. Trust in Jesus and receive from Him what you need today.

God bless. Heal the brokenhearted, bind up all their wounds.