The Message-The Resurrection Power of Jesus

The resurrected King is resurrecting me. His power is changing me and all believers, little by little, faith by faith, transforming us to become more like Jesus. It will take the entirety of our lives for this transformation to take place. It is a process. It should give us hope that God is taking us higher and higher until we become as we should. God’s Word says I will perfect all things concerning you. I believe it. I receive it. Before we enter heaven’s gates we will be perfected because of the resurrected power of Jesus.

Jesus carried His cross. He took the keys back from death, hell and the grave. Death could not hold Him. Our God has robbed the grave and Satan. After three days He came back again, resurrected from the dead. Praise You Jesus. Your Name is Victory. It is high and lifted up.

Song by Third Day                         “Carry My Cross”

As long as I remember 

I’ve been walking through the wilderness 
Praying to the Father 
And waiting for my time 
I’ve come here with a mission 
And soon I’ll give my life for this world 

I’m praying in the garden 
And I’m looking for a miracle 
I find the journey hard but 
It’s the reason I was born 
Can this cup be passed on 
Lord, I pray your will be done 
In this world 

So I’ll carry my cross 
And I’ll carry the shame 
To the end of the road 
Through the struggle and pain 
And I’ll do it for love 
No, it won’t be in vain 
Yes, I’ll carry my cross 
And I’ll carry the shame 

I feel like I’m alone here 
And I’m treated like a criminal 
The time has come for me now 
Even though I’ve done no wrong 
Father, please forgive them 
They know not what they’ve done 
In this world 

Three more days and I’ll be coming back again 
Three more days and I’ll be coming back again

 Jesus carried His cross and we must carry ours in this world. The Lord will not put more on us than we can bare. He will go before us, behind us and stand with us all the way through. He will carry us if we need Him to. Praise His holy Name.

 God bless. Heal the brokenhearted, bind up all their wounds.