There’s Power in Jesus

 We are what the Bible says we are. We are more than conquerors.

 We can do what the Word says we can do. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

 We have what the Bible says we have. We have forgiveness of sins and eternal life. There’s power in Jesus.

 I will fear no evil for the Lord is with me. His Word and Spirit, they comfort me.

 I am the body of Christ. Satan has no power over me unless I give it to him.

 Guilt and shame lie behind me. I’m a new creation in Christ. There’s power in Jesus.

 I will speak the Word of God and renew my mind. His Word strengthens me.

 The Holy Spirit will transform me to be more like Jesus.

 The devil flees from me because I resist him in the Name of Jesus. I am strong in the Lord. I wear the armor of God. There’s power in Jesus.

 The blood of Jesus is in my veins and because of this, I am chosen, holy and blameless before God.

 There is power in the Name of the Lord.

 There is power in the Word of God.

 There is power in the Blood of Jesus.

 There is power in Jesus and without Him, I can do nothing.

 Victory is ours through Him. Even so, Come Lord Jesus. In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

 God Bless. Heal the broken-hearted, bind up all their wounds.