Pastor Kent Mattox Word Alive International OutreachI would like to acknowledge Word Alive, pastored by Kent Mattox, with praise and worship led by Luke Varvell. The pastor and worship team are blessed, highly favored and greatly loved.

My son Zack Hawkins had been attending this church and invited me to come with him several years ago. I had not attended church since my teenage years which was in the 1960’s. Well let me tell you, this church is not my grandmother’s church. The praise and worship music was like going to a concert before church. There was so much worship for the Lord going on, you couldn’t help but feel blessed and feel the presence of the Lord in that atmosphere. I loved it.

So I guess you can say the presence of the Lord and the music got my attention first. Then came Pastor Kent preaching about Jesus and grace. It was like nothing I had ever heard before. He preached from the bible and I sensed it was truly in him. He didn’t preach fire and brimstone and the law, like I was used to from my youth. He preached Jesus, grace, love, joy, forgiveness and the Holy Spirit. He spoke in a language anyone could understand even if you hadn’t been to church all your life. I had never heard preaching such as this.

The first visit to this church had turned something on inside me. I wanted more. The preaching, praise and worship had touched me on the inside. The good news of Jesus is alive and well at this church. It has been about 6 years since that first visit. I have been going there ever since. I have grown so much in the Lord thanks to the teaching/preaching at the church and my own bible study. My relationship with Father, Jesus, Spirit, is growing all the time.

I am thankful to WAIO for without them, their teaching of Jesus, their praise and worship of God I would never be in a position that God could use me like He is now with this ministry. I’ve come a long way in my walk with Jesus. He is the center of my life. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. I am nothing without HIM.
Thank you Jesus and Word Alive.