I would like to acknowledge Zachary Hawkins, the Web Designer of Sherry Clark Ministry. It was Zack’s idea to put the Ministry on the Internet. The Website went live April, 2014, and was his first web design. I am very proud of the site he designed. It totally represents the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit, as was our goal.

A few months ago, Zack wanted to make the site better, and more modern, to attract more people to read about Jesus. He spent many hours researching which type of design would fit the Ministry. Once he decided on a new design, he dug in. He spent many hours, turning it into the web design he wanted for the Ministry. He used his creative, and technical skills to make the website visually attractive, and technically sound. He ensured the web pages were easy to navigate on a personal computer, and a smaller mobile device. He had to utilize his software programming, graphics skills, and other computer technology skills, to ensure the site was the best he could make it. The Lord is using Zack’s gifts, and talents to get His Word out to the world.

Thank you Jesus, for Zack’s talents, and tenacity for this Ministry. The goal is to reach as many people throughout the world as possible. Since he began, the Website has crossed oceans to reach 41 countries to date. God’s Word is being spread through this website. Praise you Jesus.

The new Website will go live January 2015. The design is totally updated, with bells, and whistles. The site is still, all about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It allows for the posts to be updated often, instead of just once a month. It allows for more high definition Christian pictures, which go along with the posts, and many other positive benefits. With the Lord’s help, Zack has really out done himself with this new web design.

Zack is a witness of Jesus to his friends, a single parent, he works as an International Sales Representative, at Alabama Specialty Products Inc. | Metal Samples in Munford Alabama. I pray God will continue to lead, and guide him.

Thank you Zack for all the hundreds of hours you have given to this Ministry, Gods plan, and purposes.

May the Lord bless you, keep you, and give you favor.